Ready for Change.
On the way to smart grids.

In recent years, the energy sector has changed dramatically. The growing importance of renewable energy sources called for completely new concepts. Fortunately there are people willing to accept this challenge!

EBG electro is ready to go this way. Also concerning our range of products. Because next to the standard goods for “passive” energy supply we also have a number of products in store which will actively support Smart Grid concepts. With the degree of quality you can expect from us: robust, versatile, and well-designed in every respect.   

Smart Grid Applications

The Tension Rises?
No reason to get tense.

Plug in - connect - distribute - protect - measure - control

Simple one-way energy supply was yesterday. Smart Grid is the future - and EBG electro is making creative contributions to a different way of power supply. Such as the Line Voltage controller which will keep power blips in check.  

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